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July 24, 2007


Camille Akin

Candice: I just viewed the clip. You did a wonderful job...your personality showed through and you looked like a natural...as usual. I'm so proud of you...you are a gem.


Hey you!
Just saw the video and I simply LOVED IT- told you that book was one of my favorites. :) You were great- like Camille said, you're a pro! Congrats on the video launch- you rocked it! Oh and cute workspace!!

Susanne Huettner

I came from there page to yours. Love your work!


Hi Candice - I did your intro on the show and just loved your tips and hearing about your design process! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! :)

Melissa Runcie
Scrapbook LifeStyle Designer

Angela Daniels aka SpiderGirl


I absolutely LOVED your clip on the show this week. You are a natural! My little boy wants me to make him a pirate book now too!

Angela Daniels
Scrapbook LifeStyle Designer

Susan F.

How fun for you! I'm so excited! I loved watching you on your clip. I regularly get those clips as an e-mail newsletter, so it was extra fun to see someone that I know. (even though we've never met in person) It was fun to see your workspace too. It is much like my own, only yours is cuter. Keep up the good work! --Suzi


Great Job on your video Candice. I loved watching you and seeing your family... Great job!!!

Pattye Duffner
Scrapbook Lifestyle Designer

Nary Ann

Enjoyed watching your vid. From one military family to another - Hello! Great art, I look forward to seeing more of it!

Mary Ann


Hi Candice,
Funny, I'm seeing you teaching all over Southern California and now I know where you are (after seeing that video)! You're married to a military guy like me! And my husband is on CP too! Navy, though. Gives me a whole new perspective on you! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us...



hi candice! great clip . . . I really enjoyed watching your creative process:) I had a question about the adhesive tape runner you use! where can I get one . . . totally cool adhesive tool! thanks for all your inspiration!


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