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August 09, 2006


Rachel Bevis

Good Deal Candice!! Congrats Chip! So very happy for you guys!!


Wow, ditto ditto, wow wow and am I proud and bursting my buttons, but where, where where???
Sounds like a really super step Chip and well deserved. Hope it brings you east to see family once and a while, often but whatever, my heart is out there with you and the family. MOM

Nancy Ralston

I'm so proud of you Chip and Candice! You know we love you both so much! Kent and Nancy


Just stumbled on your site through two peas. Love your work!


Rock on! My brother in law was in the marines and he saw both wars himself. We are so proud of all our military men and women and our everyday heros here too, my dad, a police officer, all of them , firemen, and every average joe hero we come across, when a military man gets honored in anyway, I applaud that much louder...CONGRATS to you too, the miliary wife who goes sometimes all too unnoticed! You support him and respect his life...so hats off to you too!OOH RAH to you both!

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