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November 03, 2005



Baby - Cool banner and RAK design. Love the colors - so vibrant. You rock, but then of course you know I always think that. Back to work, but I'll be home early - I hope.

Joe Nuckols

Those Chicken people are worse in Orlando...Tourist who don't know where to go, seniors too slow to gooooo...kids that don't want to go, the best thing about traffic in Orlando is no snow !!! Have fun, Daddy

PS: I love the new banner !!!!


hey candice! love the banner, the colors are awesome. i do check out your blog often . . . as well as your posts on 2peas. very inspiring, very creative. seriously want to take one of your classes at ever after. take care


Dee Sutton

Hey there girlfriend!
I pop in pretty regular too:)
Always look forward to what you have to say:)




I'm here, I love being insipred by you!

Lisa Russell

I found you through 2peas - love your RP layouts!!

Lori Soj

Hey Candice, thanks so much for the awesome RP R A K. You are sweet and I appreciate the generous gift!
We will have to get together and scrap soon!

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